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About Trev33

Every day i go to the toilet and look at the tiles on the floor and each day i see something new. The tiles are all the same but yet somehow in my contemplation of life on the toilet i manage to see new symbols, faces and other bizarre images in my bathroom floor tiles.

Today i saw a face i'd never seen before, it looked like a cartoon drawing from a comic i used to buy as a child. The body was a mystery, was his arms folded or was that a gun he was carrying?

After much thought was put into this new creature of the tiles i came to the conclusion that his name was Isaac and that was indeed a gun he was carrying. Isaac had been sent by the king of the castle at the top of the tiles to kill Zoran the mysterious dark 5 legged creature that roams the tiles at night in search for new pray.

I won't know for sure until tomorrow what happened but next time you go to the toilet, have a look at the tiles and wonder...what do they get up to at night.

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