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Hi, I'm Lane! I haven't played for AGES, and I suck now. I have time to get back into this, without the "college apps ahhh" thing that made me forfeit earlier games by timing out.

In case you care about who you're playing, I'll paint as detailed a picture as I know how.

I'm a junior in university studying comp sci, though courses in political philosophy, ethics, and literature interest me more. Risk-aversion lends itself to useful majors, and CS is pleasant and of utility.

Any list of the things I love to do must at least include: rowing, as I'm Varsity as of this year, and despite the time commitment there's something to be said for collegiate athletics; long walks, especially with my more introverted friends (who really open up on those winding, peaceful night-walks between pools of light on empty streets); biking, which is nice and useful when you don't have a car at college; StarCraft 2 and COD, which help me keep in touch with friends back home; reading science fiction or literature, depending on how much my brain hurts from schoolwork; and writing, which is and always has been my greatest passion.

Whenever I get the chance, I like to go hiking or camping or backpacking, though I don't get much of a chance to do so nowadays. I remember the summer after high school, when a friend and I went on a road trip from California through Nevada and Utah. I haven't had too long of a life yet, but that'd be my favorite couple weeks so far.

Chess is a fun pastime while I procrastinate on problem-sets and essays. It's much more fun OTB, where you can see the person (or chess engine?) you're playing, but practice aids in decisive, humiliating victories -- the best ones. 😛

My fav...
book for style: The Road (McCarthy) and The Waves (Woolf)
book (theme): Invisible Man (Ellison)
movie (st): A Clockwork Orange
movie (th): Spirited Away
drink: a glass of Merlot with dinner (can I be 21 already?)

Height: 6'5"
Ethics: Virtue is a mean between vices

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