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About Venenum

I have been away for some time, cause of a lot of school work and that stuff. But I am very pleased to be back. I dropped a lot of Rating I see. I will try to climb back up then 🙂 (Restarted playing on 3/4/2010)
[b]Hi, I am venenum!!

Do you know what 'Venenum' means? No? Well it's the latin word for 'Poison'.

Here are some of my better games :

14 years old: Game 7101019 Game 7162148
15 years old: Game 7063449 Game 7255426

Sometimes you need some luck: Game 7231254

Best pair of games for a clan challenge: Game 7108947 & Game 7108948

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499 games

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268 games

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231 games

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499 games


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216 games


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Highest Rating6106551241
Average Rating609629866
Lowest Rating609609609
Opponent Average Rating131911341092
Games Rated227498
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    New to the site? Got a provisional rating? Join us! NON-SUBSCRIBER TOURNAMENTS IN THE PRIVATE CLUB FORUM! This club is for new people! Helpful, friendly, tournaments...all that stuff! Welcome!

  • Under 1000 Club

    Onwards & upwards...

  • Anti - Racism Club

    This club is for chess players who are against Racism!! Let's stop this together

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