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Hi. Pittsburgh, PA here. Even though I have been back playing for awhile, please be patient. I am doing better, it is just the big mistake that kills me. I have reconsidered my timeout policy. I will timeout any and all matches on a case by case basis (if I know you, you are safe, otherwise, you are toast). Sorry, been timeout out too many times by non-members when I had the chance. Open to all challenges. Cheers!

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Games Played2029
In Progress4
All Moves63635
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating949

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1973 games


719 games


1226 games


28 games

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106 games


37 games


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Highest Rating9499491236
Average Rating9499491041
Lowest Rating949949834
Opponent Average Rating103810381123
Games Rated11444
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