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I am a 50 years young training & development professional and internet entrepreneur. The highest I've ever been over the board is 1809 USCF. Currently I'm 1725 USCF as I haven't played OTB in years. My efforts now are to simply raise my game to 2000.

As White, I enjoy the debate on lines starting d4. As Black against e4, I played the French but am now investigating the Sicilian along with all Anti-Sicilians. Against d4 I still like the King's Indian, but am learning to play the Benko. Against c4, I like the Hedgehog.

I will accept timeouts as time management is part of OTB chess play. And quite frankly to be able to reduce my workload is just a relief. Most times I have over 100 games running simultaneously.

As a reminder of RHP rules ... while a game is in progress no referral to chess engines, chess computers or assistance by a third party is permitted. Endgame tablebases should not be consulted during play but reference books, databases consisting of previously played games between human players, and other pre-existing research materials may be used.

Thank you.

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