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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber Dan Ragatz1395Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move22 Mar '18 20:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber Herriot1419White to move22 Mar '18 16:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber Donmac1593White to move22 Mar '18 13:28InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber Costad1461Black to move22 Mar '18 13:27InfoIn progress
Standard member Jafmasterp 944Subscriber Busetta1233White to move22 Mar '18 02:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber CamelClutch1207White to move22 Mar '18 00:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber karoly aczel1108Black to move21 Mar '18 23:39InfoTimeout (1-0)
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber tomak1318White to move21 Mar '18 10:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber CamelClutch1207Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move21 Mar '18 08:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber Sheeps1272Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move21 Mar '18 05:35InfoIn progress
Standard member dmfienup1139Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move20 Mar '18 22:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber Scotty701106White to move20 Mar '18 17:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber Scotty701106Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move20 Mar '18 17:03InfoIn progress
Subscriber coyote1254Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move20 Mar '18 16:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber coyote1254White to move20 Mar '18 16:49InfoIn progress
Subscriber tomak1318Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move20 Mar '18 14:40InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber pitonboy1219White to move20 Mar '18 12:53InfoIn progress
Subscriber pitonboy1219Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move20 Mar '18 12:49InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber pitonboy1219White to move20 Mar '18 12:48InfoIn progress
Subscriber Jools06990Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move20 Mar '18 11:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber Jools06990White to move20 Mar '18 11:19InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber hvincent On Vacation1311White to move20 Mar '18 11:09InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber Burlybri1271White to move20 Mar '18 09:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber 76Xadrez1322Subscriber Busetta1233White to move20 Mar '18 03:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber 76Xadrez1322Black to move20 Mar '18 03:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber sharkstir8281186Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move19 Mar '18 20:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber Herriot1419Subscriber Busetta1233White to move19 Mar '18 16:57InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber Giannotti1275Subscriber Busetta1233Black to move19 Mar '18 16:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber Giannotti1275White to move19 Mar '18 16:55InfoIn progress
Subscriber Busetta1233Subscriber BeatlFrq1313White to move19 Mar '18 16:41InfoIn progress
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