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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Standard member Rippenspiessonline1219Standard member BKE345online1094Black to move19 Aug '18 06:17InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber carl marx1023Standard member lozratonline1089White to move19 Aug '18 06:16InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member jkrugonline1165Subscriber Mguillot1219Black to move19 Aug '18 06:11InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber ianp1592Subscriber Minor2020White to move19 Aug '18 06:18InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber Raampje x1193Subscriber Chewie976 On Vacation735Black to move19 Aug '18 06:05InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber FatKidonaTrampolineonline1297Subscriber suicidebishop1171Black to move19 Aug '18 06:05InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber Tommovich1750Standard member Jozsef Feher1466Black to move19 Aug '18 06:06InfoResigned (1-0)
Standard member marian831044Standard member Bob Bielsa1292Black to move19 Aug '18 06:01InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber billyblip1189Subscriber BigD00983Black to move19 Aug '18 06:01InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member pestelensie1137Standard member AlezzZonline1492White to move19 Aug '18 05:59InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber lepik1456Subscriber fixlionline1507Black to move19 Aug '18 05:52InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber BigD00983Subscriber Dalradian1622White to move19 Aug '18 05:47InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member BKE345online1094Standard member bestey1013Black to move19 Aug '18 05:40InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber mallys71394Subscriber odoodsdudes1397White to move19 Aug '18 05:39InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber rmaki11519Standard member Antonio Alma1481White to move19 Aug '18 05:39InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber Antoine1273Subscriber THRILLHO1234Black to move19 Aug '18 05:27InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member victorian1267Standard member Yadda19721390White to move19 Aug '18 05:26InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member okcorral1079Standard member Brandubh1221White to move19 Aug '18 05:17InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber coquette On Vacation1413Subscriber gumbie1354Black to move19 Aug '18 05:12InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member naleman1385Subscriber alexandrualemanonline1486Black to move19 Aug '18 05:05InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber vpadilla71475Subscriber texasnurse1466White to move19 Aug '18 05:19InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber texasnurse1466Subscriber vpadilla71475White to move19 Aug '18 04:58InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber texasnurse1466Subscriber jharker1364Black to move19 Aug '18 04:56InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber texasnurse1466Subscriber chuke1473White to move19 Aug '18 04:51InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member springsun1460Standard member Old Boy1256Black to move19 Aug '18 05:33InfoGame drawn
Standard member Nucker1274Subscriber abeehilmorst1333White to move19 Aug '18 04:48InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber squewered1235Subscriber woody651388White to move19 Aug '18 04:39InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member horsechecksking1566Subscriber bartboxer1753White to move19 Aug '18 05:23InfoResigned (0-1)
Donation Luckonline1456Subscriber texasnurse1466White to move19 Aug '18 04:34InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member Immillatilla1181Standard member philnick1347White to move19 Aug '18 04:32InfoCheckmate (0-1)
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