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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Standard member chess preacheronline1823Standard member enrico dbonline1552White to move16 Jan '18 11:31InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber Markus Weidmann933Subscriber sperzmanonline1533White to move16 Jan '18 11:28InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Freud Junioronline1054Standard member oddmagne1016Black to move16 Jan '18 11:24InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber DerPolitzei1176Subscriber Bluesbro1133White to move16 Jan '18 11:22InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member junebc981Standard member TlotloM1014Black to move16 Jan '18 11:32InfoResigned (1-0)
Standard member Condor Hawkwind1238Subscriber lolitaknight1021White to move16 Jan '18 11:20InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber Markus Weidmann933Standard member BigRezi1021298White to move16 Jan '18 11:19InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Grant TheKing1274Standard member Timothy1113561489White to move16 Jan '18 11:17InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member mot3231324Standard member BOB421213Black to move16 Jan '18 11:16InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber caoimho1378Subscriber Antoine1229White to move16 Jan '18 11:14InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber imetfischer1205Donation rigidwithfear1541White to move16 Jan '18 11:13InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member BOBSTON1296Standard member riba1420White to move16 Jan '18 11:15InfoResigned (1-0)
Standard member Jos Bröringonline1230Standard member danger dave1277White to move16 Jan '18 11:07InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member Romeu Campos1055Standard member soelberg791463White to move16 Jan '18 10:59InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Maximus A1087Standard member moderationman1280White to move16 Jan '18 10:59InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber gary rice990Subscriber carl marx1031Black to move16 Jan '18 10:56InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member louwilkinson1090Subscriber yakobby1071Black to move16 Jan '18 10:53InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member jirkaaa1244Standard member silviu131352White to move16 Jan '18 10:53InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber King Mob1431Subscriber NN Cheaponline2152White to move16 Jan '18 10:52InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member Leeks1406Subscriber DarickWR1444Black to move16 Jan '18 10:52InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member shaarawy.abdo1547Standard member Cyberwolf3312182White to move16 Jan '18 11:21InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber doodlebug1169Standard member mirror warrior1284White to move16 Jan '18 10:52InfoResigned (0-1)
Standard member ellij1001151Standard member meldiamond856Black to move16 Jan '18 10:45InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Subscriber Spence1671208Subscriber Tathagatas1191Black to move16 Jan '18 10:45InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member KingC1272Standard member mmmuuu1210White to move16 Jan '18 10:41InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Tony Pigrome1386Standard member Zé junior1410White to move16 Jan '18 10:38InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member Erkwadraat1587Standard member virgiltavi1421Black to move16 Jan '18 10:36InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member olca1085Standard member franckyy69p 1380White to move16 Jan '18 10:36InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Standard member rtozer1651Standard member wheelerruss1097Black to move16 Jan '18 10:32InfoCheckmate (1-0)
Standard member interface1138Standard member Sandro Capellip 1345White to move16 Jan '18 10:43InfoResigned (0-1)
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