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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber beatlemania1791White to move18 Sep '18 22:36InfoIn progress
Subscriber jcspessanha967Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 22:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber gumbie1501Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 22:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber gumbie1501White to move18 Sep '18 22:01InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber jcspessanha967White to move18 Sep '18 21:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber alastair nicoll1538Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 21:52InfoIn progress
Subscriber James Gaunt1619Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 21:45InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber Speeball1209White to move18 Sep '18 21:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber Speeball1209Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 21:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber ol531580Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 20:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber ol531580White to move18 Sep '18 20:58InfoIn progress
Subscriber ol531580Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 20:54InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber svincentonline1232White to move18 Sep '18 20:31InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber Blanca1690White to move18 Sep '18 20:15InfoIn progress
Subscriber Blanca1690Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 20:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber texasnurse1388White to move18 Sep '18 20:06InfoIn progress
Subscriber svincentonline1232Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 20:02InfoIn progress
Subscriber bttnpshrx1326Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 19:27InfoIn progress
Subscriber sardodos1402Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 19:10InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber Black Rook1173White to move18 Sep '18 18:48InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber sardodos1402White to move18 Sep '18 18:24InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber daniv1529White to move18 Sep '18 18:06InfoIn progress
Subscriber Oneleggedjedi1358Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 18:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber NoFriendsPete On Vacation1447Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 18:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber kinggg21827Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 17:59InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber PaulMorphyFan1101White to move18 Sep '18 17:52InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber LittleDonkey1742White to move18 Sep '18 17:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber LittleDonkey1742Subscriber BigJase1424Black to move18 Sep '18 17:43InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber 2advent1666Black to move18 Sep '18 17:40InfoIn progress
Subscriber BigJase1424Subscriber bttnpshrx1326White to move18 Sep '18 17:29InfoIn progress
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