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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber cawsddyn1435Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 07:05InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber texasnurseonline1455White to move18 Jan '18 06:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber Orkette1335Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 06:48InfoIn progress
Subscriber karlconroyonline1238Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 06:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber cenerentola2547Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 04:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber cenerentola2547White to move18 Jan '18 04:08InfoCheckmate (0-1)
Subscriber jharker1215Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 04:03InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber ettemarc1530White to move18 Jan '18 03:38InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber leokins1299White to move18 Jan '18 03:18InfoIn progress
Subscriber IBeatScurveyonline1466Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 02:29InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber johnny mac1414White to move18 Jan '18 02:28InfoIn progress
Subscriber MAURO SEMER2008Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 02:27InfoIn progress
Subscriber johnny mac1414Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 02:25InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber mcmre1325White to move18 Jan '18 02:25InfoIn progress
Subscriber soni1483Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 02:23InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber gregory eyetech1429White to move18 Jan '18 02:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber mcmre1325Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 02:22InfoIn progress
Subscriber gregory eyetech1429Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 02:22InfoIn progress
Donation vaknso1251Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 02:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber plan1271423White to move18 Jan '18 02:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber plan1271423Subscriber wandersp1379Black to move18 Jan '18 02:12InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber sixty651348White to move18 Jan '18 02:04InfoIn progress
Subscriber Arayn1021Subscriber wandersp1379White to move18 Jan '18 01:53InfoIn progress
Subscriber ZorroTheFox1491Subscriber wandersp1379White to move18 Jan '18 01:52InfoIn progress
Subscriber mlourencoonline1376Subscriber wandersp1379White to move18 Jan '18 01:52InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber Sinke1348Black to move18 Jan '18 01:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber Sinke1348Subscriber wandersp1379White to move18 Jan '18 01:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber dn841433White to move18 Jan '18 01:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Donation Whocares1394Black to move18 Jan '18 01:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber wandersp1379Subscriber 2advent1576Black to move18 Jan '18 01:48InfoIn progress
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