Grandmaster Games Database
Fridrik Olafsson vs Pal Benko0-1551959Candidats TournamentC95Ruy Lopez Closed (with ...d6)Browse
Pal Benko vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0431959Candidats TournamentB99Sicilian Najdorf variationBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Pal Benko½-½331959Candidats TournamentA37English OpeningBrowse
Pal Benko vs Fridrik Olafsson0-1441959Candidats TournamentD23Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs David Bronstein0-1491959Alekhine memE43Gedult's OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Bobby Fischer1-0461959Candidats TournamentB86Sicilian Najdorf, Lipnitzky attackBrowse
Bobby Fischer vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0781959Candidats TournamentC75Ruy Lopez Modern Steinitz defence, Rubi...Browse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Bobby Fischer½-½411959Candidats TournamentE66King's Indian 3.g3Browse
Bobby Fischer vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0421959Candidats TournamentB10Caro-Kann Two knights variationBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Bobby Fischer0-1411959ZuerichE93Grob's attackBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Fridrik Olafsson½-½431959Candidats TournamentE55Nimzo-Indian 4.e3 c5Browse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Svetozar Gligoric½-½741959Candidats TournamentA21English OpeningBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0511959Candidats TournamentC92Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Svetozar Gligoric1-0701959Candidats TournamentE93Bird's OpeningBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0411959ZuerichD19QGD Slav Dutch variationBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Paul Keres0-1411959Candidats TournamentA09Reti King's Indian attackBrowse
Paul Keres vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0411959Candidats TournamentB48Sicilian Kan, 5.Nc3Browse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Paul Keres0-1361959Candidats TournamentD29QGA Classical, 8...Bb7Browse
Paul Keres vs Fridrik Olafsson0-1411959Candidats TournamentB28Sicilian O'Kelly variationBrowse
Paul Keres vs Fridrik Olafsson½-½581959ZuerichB96Sicilian Najdorf, 7.f4Browse
Bent Larsen vs Fridrik Olafsson0-1241959HoogovensA00Benko's OpeningBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Fridrik Olafsson0-1741959Alekhine memA03Grob's attackBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Bent Larsen0-1521959ZuerichB33Benko's OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Johan Teunis Barendregt1-0521959HoogovensA42English OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Jan Hein Donner1-0461959HoogovensD53Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Carel Benjamin Van den Berg vs Fridrik Olafsson½-½191959HoogovensB94Sicilian Najdorf, 6.Bg5Browse
Kick Langeweg vs Fridrik Olafsson0-1281959HoogovensD74Reti King's Indian attackBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Erich Eliskases1-0511959HoogovensC99Ruy Lopez ClosedBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Alberic O\'Kelly de Galway½-½431959HoogovensA30English OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Theo D Van Scheltinga1-0241959HoogovensA13English OpeningBrowse
    Jan 26 1935

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