Grandmaster Games Database
Bent Larsen vs Garry Kasparov0-1571983NiksicD34English OpeningBrowse
Ulf Andersson vs Bent Larsen1-0341983LinaresB38Reti OpeningBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Ulf Andersson1-0531983NiksicA30Dunst (Sleipner, Heinrichsen) OpeningBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Efim Geller0-1901983LinaresD35Reti OpeningBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Bent Larsen0-1531983NiksicE50Gedult's OpeningBrowse
Vlastimil Hort vs Bent Larsen1-0491983LinaresA47Queen's pawn Torre attackBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Artur Jussupow1-0241983LinaresC24Bishop's Opening Berlin defenceBrowse
Anatoly Karpov vs Bent Larsen1-0431983LinaresB19Caro-Kann 3.Nd2Browse
Sergio C Giardelli vs Bent Larsen0-1391983Buenos AiresA30Queen's pawnBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Sergio Slipak1-0281983Buenos AiresE17Reti OpeningBrowse
Samuel Schweber vs Bent Larsen0-1521983Buenos AiresE11Catalan OpeningBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Claudio Amado1-0251983Buenos AiresD34Reti OpeningBrowse
Tomas Darcyl vs Bent Larsen½-½631983Buenos AiresA05Reti OpeningBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Miguel Najdorf1-0421983Buenos AiresE18Reti OpeningBrowse
Oscar Panno vs Bent Larsen1-0621983Buenos AiresB07Reti OpeningBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Juan C Hase½-½391983Buenos AiresA13Reti OpeningBrowse
Jorge Szmetan vs Bent Larsen0-1441983Buenos AiresA37Reti OpeningBrowse
Marcelo Tempone vs Bent Larsen0-1451983Buenos AiresE62King's Indian Fianchetto without c4Browse
Bent Larsen vs Oscar Cuasnicu1-0341983Buenos AiresE65Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Bent Larsen vs Gyula Sax0-1411983LinaresE55Nimzo-Indian 4.e3 O-O, 5.Bd3 d5Browse
Bent Larsen vs Jan Timman1-0501983LinaresB08Pirc Classical, h3 systemBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Boris Spassky0-1591983LinaresE91Reti OpeningBrowse
Anthony J Miles vs Bent Larsen1-0511983LinaresD25Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Yasser Seirawan vs Bent Larsen1-0681983LinaresD03Queen's pawn Torre attackBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Boris Spassky½-½431983NiksicC28Bishop's Opening Berlin defenceBrowse
Predrag Nikolic vs Bent Larsen½-½621983NiksicA40Reti OpeningBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Mikhail Tal½-½891983NiksicA13Reti OpeningBrowse
Anthony J Miles vs Bent Larsen1-0761983NiksicA90Queen's pawnBrowse
Jan Timman vs Bent Larsen0-1431983NiksicD63Reti OpeningBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Yasser Seirawan1-0531983NiksicA20King's pawn OpeningBrowse
    Mar 04 1935

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