Grandmaster Games Database
Sergei Rublevsky vs Evgeny Alekseev1-0312006ch-RUS SuperfinalB30Sicilian Closed, 2...Nc6Browse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Evgeny Bareev½-½3320067th KarpovC07French Tarrasch, Open variationBrowse
Alexey Dreev vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½1420067th KarpovD20QGA 3.e4Browse
Pavel Eljanov vs Sergei Rublevsky0-1362006XIII TCh-RUSA28English OpeningBrowse
Alexander Grischuk vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½162006Aerosvit GMB46Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Pendyala Harikrishna1-0282006Aerosvit GMB51Sicilian Canal-Sokolsky (Nimzovich-Ross...Browse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Vassily Ivanchuk½-½302006Aerosvit GMB52Sicilian Canal-Sokolsky attack, 3...Bd7Browse
Dmitry Jakovenko vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½252006ch-RUS SuperfinalD19Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Sergey Karjakin vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½312006Aerosvit GMB46Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Sergey Karjakin vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½25200610th Petr Izmailov MemB46Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Rustam Kasimdzhanov vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½322006XIII TCh-RUSB46Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Rustam Kasimdzhanov vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½21200610th Petr Izmailov MemB54Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Rustam Kasimdzhanov1-056200610th Petr Izmailov MemB50SicilianBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov0-1442006Aerosvit GMC48Four knights Rubinstein counter-gambitBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Alexander Morozevich½-½772006XIII TCh-RUSB12Caro-Kann Advance variationBrowse
Alexander Morozevich vs Sergei Rublevsky0-11200610th Petr Izmailov MemQueen's pawnBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Alexander Morozevich0-176200610th Petr Izmailov MemB52Sicilian Canal-Sokolsky attack, 3...Bd7Browse
Sergei Movsesian vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½352006XIII TCh-RUSB54Sicilian defenceBrowse
Sergei Movsesian vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½302006XIII TCh-RUSB54Sicilian defenceBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Evgeniy Najer½-½1920067th KarpovC66Four knights Spanish variationBrowse
Evgeniy Najer vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½272006ch-RUS SuperfinalB46Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu vs Sergei Rublevsky0-1312006Aerosvit GMB83Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Alexander Onischuk vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½3520067th KarpovD20QGA 3.e4Browse
Ruslan Ponomariov vs Sergei Rublevsky1-05020067th KarpovB46Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Ruslan Ponomariov1-0542006Aerosvit GMC45Scotch Mieses variationBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Ruslan Ponomariov0-164200610th Petr Izmailov MemB27Sicilian Hungarian variationBrowse
Victor Bologan vs Sergei Rublevsky0-16320067th KarpovB46Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Alexei Shirov½-½5320067th KarpovB51Sicilian Canal-Sokolsky (Nimzovich-Ross...Browse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Sergei Rublevsky½-½4620067th KarpovC00Sicilian defenceBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Ivan Sokolov0-14320067th KarpovC49Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
    Oct 15 1974

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