Grandmaster Games Database
Vladimir Akopian vs Teimour Radjabov0-1472007ETCCB45Sicilian Anderssen variationBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Evgeny Alekseev½-½382007TCh-RUSE32Nimzo-Indian Classical variationBrowse
Viswanathan Anand vs Teimour Radjabov½-½432007Corus AB33Sicilian Pelikan, Chelyabinsk variationBrowse
Viswanathan Anand vs Teimour Radjabov1-0462007Amber BlindfoldB33Sicilian Anderssen variationBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Viswanathan Anand0-1542007Amber RapidE26Nimzo-Indian Saemisch variationBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Levon Aronian0-1662007Corus AD38Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Levon Aronian1-0692007Amber BlindfoldE15Queen's Indian Nimzovich variation (exa...Browse
Levon Aronian vs Teimour Radjabov0-1262007Amber RapidD00Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky Ope...Browse
Teimour Radjabov vs Etienne Bacrot½-½552007Pivdenny Bank CupC45Scotch gameBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Evgeny Bareev1-03620071st ACP World Rapid CupD17QGD Slav defenceBrowse
Evgeny Bareev vs Teimour Radjabov½-½3520071st ACP World Rapid CupE74Reti OpeningBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Bu Xiangzhi½-½152007GMB97Sicilian Najdorf, 7...Qb6Browse
Magnus Carlsen vs Teimour Radjabov½-½212007Corus AB32Sicilian Labourdonnais-Loewenthal (Kala...Browse
Teimour Radjabov vs Magnus Carlsen½-½302007Amber RapidA56Czech Benoni defenceBrowse
Magnus Carlsen vs Teimour Radjabov½-½362007Amber BlindfoldC63Ruy Lopez Schliemann defenceBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Magnus Carlsen1-0452007Match of the HopesE15Queen's Indian Nimzovich variation (exa...Browse
Magnus Carlsen vs Teimour Radjabov1-0572007Match of the HopesB33Sicilian Pelikan, Chelyabinsk variationBrowse
Magnus Carlsen vs Teimour Radjabov½-½782007Match of the HopesC63Ruy Lopez Schliemann defenceBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Magnus Carlsen½-½872007Match of the HopesE15Queen's Indian Nimzovich variation (exa...Browse
Magnus Carlsen vs Teimour Radjabov0-1352007Match of the HopesA80DutchBrowse
Magnus Carlsen vs Teimour Radjabov1-0282007GMB07Pirc defenceBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Pavel Eljanov½-½34200723rd ECC MenC45Scotch gameBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Boris Gelfand½-½472007Amber RapidE15Queen's Indian Nimzovich variation (exa...Browse
Boris Gelfand vs Teimour Radjabov1-0262007Amber BlindfoldA48King's Indian Torre attackBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Boris Gelfand½-½182007TCh-RUSE17Scandinavian (centre counter) defenceBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Boris Gelfand0-1312007Pivdenny Bank CupE15Queen's Indian Nimzovich variation (exa...Browse
Alexander Grischuk vs Teimour Radjabov½-½852007Pivdenny Bank CupE74King's Indian Averbakh, 6...c5Browse
Alexander Grischuk vs Teimour Radjabov½-½672007GME73King's Indian Averbakh systemBrowse
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Teimour Radjabov1-07220071st ACP World Rapid CupE92King's Indian Gligoric-Taimanov systemBrowse
Teimour Radjabov vs Vassily Ivanchuk0-14520071st ACP World Rapid CupD10King's pawn gameBrowse
    Mar 12 1987

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