Grandmaster Games Database
Garry Kasparov vs Vladimir Malaniuk½-½211988URS-ch55A88Bird's OpeningBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Alexander Beliavsky½-½261988URS-ch55D45QGD Slav defenceBrowse
Alexey Dreev vs Vladimir Malaniuk0-1361988URS-FL56C44Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Jaan Ehlvest½-½281988URS-ch55D26Queen's gambit acceptedBrowse
Mikhail Gurevich vs Vladimir Malaniuk½-½291988URS-ch55A10English Anglo-Dutch defenseBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Vassily Ivanchuk½-½361988LvovE27Nimzo-Indian Kmoch variationBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Vassily Ivanchuk0-1351988URS-ch55E20Nimzo-Indian Kmoch variationBrowse
Artur Jussupow vs Vladimir Malaniuk½-½211988URS-ch55A81DutchBrowse
Gregory Kaidanov vs Vladimir Malaniuk1-0391988LvovC28Vienna gameBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Gata Kamsky1-0511988URS-ch sfD36QGD Slav defenceBrowse
Anatoly Karpov vs Vladimir Malaniuk1-0351988URS-ch55A88Dutch defenceBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Alexander Khalifman½-½311988URS-ch55D17Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Alexander Khalifman½-½411988URS-FL56E90Amar (Paris) OpeningBrowse
Smbat Lputian vs Vladimir Malaniuk½-½271988URS-FL56A87Van't Kruijs OpeningBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Lev Psakhis1-0491988URS Cup rapidC01Reti OpeningBrowse
Valery Salov vs Vladimir Malaniuk1-0731988URS-ch55A80Gedult's OpeningBrowse
Ilya Smirin vs Vladimir Malaniuk1-0701988URS-ch55C90Ruy Lopez Closed, 7...O-OBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Vasily Smyslov½-½351988URS-ch55C91Ruy Lopez ClosedBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Boris Spassky½-½101988EUCup fC79Ruy Lopez Steinitz defence deferred (Ru...Browse
Jon Speelman vs Vladimir Malaniuk½-½231988EUCup fA80DutchBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Rafael Vaganian½-½421988URS-ch55D36Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Alex Yermolinsky½-½211988URS-FL56A59Grob's attackBrowse
Vladimir Malaniuk vs Leonid Yudasin½-½241988URS-ch55A67Reti OpeningBrowse
Leonid Yudasin vs Vladimir Malaniuk0-1481988URS-FL56C54Giuoco Piano Bird's attackBrowse
Leonid Yudasin vs Vladimir Malaniuk1-0321988URS Cup rapidC55Two knights defence (Modern Bishop's Op...Browse
    Jul 21 1957

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