Grandmaster Games Database
Lubomir Kavalek vs Bent Larsen½-½321970Solingen mB85French defenceBrowse
Michael Adams vs Volodia Vaisman1-0391989FRA-chTB42French defenceBrowse
Alexander Morozevich vs Viktor Moskalenko½-½171994Moscow mB33French defenceBrowse
Pavel Blatny vs Bruno Carlier1-0221991BudapestB00French defenceBrowse
Susan Lalic vs Anthony J Miles0-1571992Kuala Lumpur opB00French defenceBrowse
Ferdinand Hellers vs Jaan Ehlvest½-½431993New York HudsonB00French defenceBrowse
Francisco Vallejo Pons vs Dimitrij Bunzmann½-½241996Wch U14B22French defenceBrowse
AV USA Ivanov vs Khalle Sharafuddin0-134200331st World OpenC00French defenceBrowse
Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez vs Miguel Quinteros1-0351974Las PalmasB42French defenceBrowse
Alexander Alekhine vs Stefan Martin1-0231941Madrid simC00French defenceBrowse
Max Euwe vs A. Gottlieb1-0301921ViennaB00French defenceBrowse
Csaba Balogh vs Wang Yue0-1541999Wch U12B00French defenceBrowse
Stellan Brynell vs Boris Spassky½-½281998Sigeman & CoB00French defenceBrowse
Nona Gaprindashvili vs Jan Smejkal½-½151976Vitrobud opB80French defenceBrowse
Adolf Anderssen vs Howard Staunton1-0441851LondonC00French defenceBrowse
Adolf Anderssen vs Howard Staunton0-1541857LondonC00French defenceBrowse
Paul Morphy vs Alexander Beaufort Meek1-0311857USA-01.CongressC00French defenceBrowse
Serafino Dubois vs Joseph Henry Blackburne½-½411862London mtB00French defenceBrowse
William Steinitz vs Henry Edward Bird1-0161866London m2C00French defenceBrowse
George Henry Mackenzie vs Henry Edward Bird1-0271878Paris playoff-4plB00French defenceBrowse
H. Gifford vs Henry Edward Bird0-1281878ParisB00French defenceBrowse
Bruno Parma vs Bent Larsen1-0401972TeesideB83French defenceBrowse
Reefat bin Satter vs Penteala Harikrishna1-0591997Goodricke opC02French defenceBrowse
Mikhail Chigorin vs Arthur Skipworth1-0161883LondonB00French defenceBrowse
Harry Nelson Pillsbury vs Eugene Delmar1-0571901BuffaloC00French defenceBrowse
C. Stauffer vs Anthony J Miles0-1241994New York opB00French defenceBrowse
M1. Didier vs Joseph Henry Blackburne0-1441901Monte CarloA43French defenceBrowse
Alexander Motylev vs Slavoljub Marjanovic1-0342000Ciocaltea MemB48French defenceBrowse
Gerard Oskam vs Geza Maroczy0-1411920UtrechtB00French defenceBrowse
Orla Hermann Krause vs Geza Maroczy½-½311907Copenhagen NordicA40French defenceBrowse

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