Breaking Bad Clan vs Crystal Palace FC All stars

Breaking Bad Clan vs Crystal Palace FC All stars

Clan Challenge

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Breaking Bad ClanCrystal Palace FC All stars
Breaking Bad ClanMovesCrystal Palace FC All stars
cardiacsfan1359351443Grandmaster bater
cardiacsfan1359601443Grandmaster bater
Very Rusty1482191303taff438
Very Rusty1482391303taff438
Fransie Kruger1244221167Busetta
Fransie Kruger1244381167Busetta
coyote129826889Larry KasparovLK
coyote129825889Larry Kasparov
2Games Won8
0Gross Points10
-10Net Points10
Challenge Result Notes

'Crystal Palace FC All stars' wins.

10 points awarded to winner.

10 of 10 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2024 challenge table.

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