Smiffy's Pawn Stars vs Danger Mouse

Smiffy's Pawn Stars vs Danger Mouse

Clans Challenge Results
Smiffy's Pawn StarsMovesDanger Mouse
QUAGMYR2328181780Phil Minnaar
QUAGMYR2328251780Phil Minnaar
bag31310421707Great Scott
bag31310601707Great Scott
Loose Screw1409231477wmarmon
Loose Screw1409291477wmarmon
ronymic1230201429Alex Foster
ronymic1230441429Alex Foster
marrekshi1245381278Kimo Sabie
marrekshi1245281278Kimo Sabie
richard spedale7399942david1947
richard spedale73929942david1947
7Games Won7
7Gross Points7
7Net Points7

Clan challenge drawn.

7 points awarded to both clans.

14 of 14 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2017 challenge table.

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