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    31 Dec '20 14:01
    @mghrn55 said
    To the clan community.......
    I recently accepted a clan challenge from Lemondrop.
    I can't name his clan because he keeps changing the clan name.
    Anyways, I noticed that Lemondrop resigned his games within the first 2 moves and rendered the games null and void.
    I have also been advised that he has done this to other clans (or at least one other clan).
    This represents a wa ...[text shortened]... very Happy Holiday season.
    And I hope the 2021 Clan season will be a good one. Shenanigans aside.
    I brought this up about a year ago and I got trashed for it. I can't speak for Lemondrop, as he had never done that to me or anyone I know. But I can speak for Padger and his clan with ease and the number of matches I lost because of this. He is not the only one to do it. But the biggest offender with me. I don't play his clan anymore.

    What happens is I set up matches that are very close and balanced a certain way. If you take one match out it changes the entire match and then gives the advantage to the other clan. I just lost a match because what happens is the games don't count. And I needed both of these particular games and I would have won by one game. But instead, I lost the clan match due to the player moving three moves then stopping. It seems possible they are being told by their leaders to do this, but I don't have proof of this, but I do have proof of losing matches this way.

    I have lost more matches then I can count this way. It is a real problem, at least for me because I set up my matches so close. If you start a clan match, and you don't move or play, then you should lose and the points given to the other team.

    That would fix the issue real fast.

    Congratulations for winning this year and Happy New Year to everyone on the site. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. All my best.
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