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Clans Forum

Clans Forum

  1. Subscriber VESPIN
    All For Fun
    05 Jul '18 10:53
    I know this is not the place for it. But Everyone in here is knowledgeable and I figured I might get an answer faster. I have one friend I asked for help and he is doing all he can. So I figured ask in here.

    How do you remove a player from your clan? There is no kick icon unless they deselect themselves.

    I don't see anything else to remove a player. I checked, and this player has no more games to play as well. So there is nothing holding him up.

    Any "kind" suggestions? lol
  2. Subscriber Ponderable
    05 Jul '18 11:52
    The captain can deselect People, then the captain can kick them.
    I used that Option very sparingly. My clan is not so big, that I couldn't carry a few People who went away..
  3. Subscriber VESPIN
    All For Fun
    05 Jul '18 12:32
    Understood. And I have never used it before. But I am glad I now know it. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.