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Are you still interested in art?815 Jul '18 03:07Daniela455sonhouse
the expanse512 Jul '18 11:48apathistPonderable
Can we help syria?109 Jul '18 12:34alicetayloralicetaylor
Best Russian Song Video of all time202 Jun '18 03:30uzlessmchill
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Great String Quartet Works906 Apr '18 15:14ThinkOfOneGhost of a Duke
A little gem230 Mar '18 16:58mchillsonhouse
JMHO - Really Good!222 Mar '18 00:57mchillsonhouse
Modest Mouse310 Mar '18 22:36karoly aczelkaroly aczel
Any Art Tatum fans?925 Feb '18 18:25Romans1009Romans1009
Beethoven - Barenboim or Brendel?1525 Feb '18 06:10Pianoman1Pianoman1
Attachment to things616 Feb '18 19:35Removedapathist
Hereditary102 Feb '18 11:50Romans1009Romans1009
Favourite movie theme231 Jan '18 02:20moonbusmchill
Game of Thrones527 Jan '18 04:32sonhousesonhouse
More of this is needed!224 Jan '18 15:00mchillbiffo konker
Advice :)309 Jan '18 00:52BoardReadermoonbus
Cool Chess board301 Jan '18 17:42mchillsonhouse
Shared Experiences222 Dec '17 09:26Removedmchill
Men in black - racist?720 Dec '17 08:53RemovedRemoved
Neo1619 Dec '17 07:43RemovedRemoved
As our generation passes116 Dec '17 15:05mchillmchill
Best original band and/or album1108 Dec '17 17:09karoly aczelstellspalfie
Florence Mills (1896-1927)5717 Nov '17 12:42Duchess64sonhouse
A lost George Harrison Treasure315 Nov '17 13:37mchillsonhouse
Strongest rock song 2413 Nov '17 21:33karoly aczelmchill
Aladin's true 3 wishes127 Oct '17 15:13RemovedRemoved
erogon723 Oct '17 19:11apathistsonhouse
Baker's Dozen721 Oct '17 04:04FMFkaroly aczel