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    22 Jun '04
    18 Feb '18 00:18
    Originally posted by @philokalia
    Mott has a very important point: many media outlets refer to Kim Yo-jong as outflanking Mike Pence or somehow otherwise outshining him. OThers talk about her as stealing the show.

    Imagine if there was a brutal Nazi regime today and the media was talking about some blond bombshell and sister of the Pure White Aryan dictator as 'outflanking' the ...[text shortened]... t at such a headline.

    And rightfully so.

    And... so... as Mott objects, we should object.
    If it is true that the representative of a loathsome regime acted in a more diplomatic way than the representative of the US government (as unfortunately is the case here) is it the duty of the US media to repress that fact?

    We have a free press here not a Ministry of Propaganda.
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    15 Dec '03
    18 Feb '18 03:30
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    I fully expect this administration to denounce NK every chance they get. The entire NK participation was a publicity stunt. Praising a member of this brutal regime is right up your ally isn't it?
    Dennis Rodmans' half brother?
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    09 Jun '07
    18 Feb '18 04:01
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    "You do realise (sic) that not everything North Korea does is evil, you know?"

    How fukin stupid can anyone be?
    What a superfluous use of "sic".

    How fukin stupid can you be?
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