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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    06 Oct '18 18:42
    Most white women voted for Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, in 2016.

    "Women aren't a monolith – and the white women supporting Kavanaugh prove it"

    "White women are as likely to believe Kavanaugh as they are Christine Blasey Ford,
    polls have found, continuing a long pattern of voting Republican."

    "So many were shocked earlier this week when a poll found that
    while minority voters overwhelmingly believe Ford over Kavanaugh,
    a breakdown of the data by gender revealed white women were
    nearly as likely to believe Kavanaugh as Ford.

    Specifically, the poll found 46% of white women believe Ford and
    43% believe Kavanaugh – “Not a large difference at all when you
    take the margin of error into account,” Tim Malloy, who oversaw
    Quinnipiac’s national polling, told the Guardian."

    "The women’s movement is, among other things, a study in all the
    ways women are divided from one another. Early suffragist movements
    were tainted by racism, and when women finally did get the right to
    vote, they couldn’t agree on candidates or causes to support."

    "Trump won white women with 53% of the vote."

    "There’s a study from the Institute for Social and Economic Research
    which found that wives in general vote in ways that support their
    husband’s economic interests. As well as the research showing that
    white women are particularly likely to do so – after all, the white men
    they typically marry still earn more than any other demographic."

    "The white men that white women overwhelmingly marry are a
    solidly conservative voting bloc."

    "...Hillary Clinton supporters who were looking for this great women’s
    arising to buoy her to victory, really underestimated the power of
    race and partisanship,” PRRI CEO Robert Jones told the Guardian.
    “The interests that run along the lines of gender are first refracted
    by these other kinds of identity markers.”"

    "Of course women have never behaved as cohesively as racial voting blocs."

    In arguing against White Feminists like Suzianne and Phranny (and their
    white male sympathizers), I always have emphasized the importance of intersectionality.
    Being female is far from alone in defining women's identity and interests.

    Many, if not most, middle-class married white women support
    Republican causes and likely will continue to do so for a long time.
  2. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    06 Oct '18 19:01

    "Dear Christine Blasey Ford: you are a welcome earthquake.
    It was made at great personal cost, but your brave testimony has had incalculable
    benefits for the country at large."
    --Rebecca Solnit

    "Testifying in front of that audience, made up in no small part of hostile, disbelieving
    supporters of the man you told them assaulted you, may have felt like annihilation.
    Going into your deepest trauma in front of the nation must have been a harsh ordeal.
    But you were not annihilated; you were amplified in all senses of the word.

    Sexual assault denies a victim her voice, the right to say no and have it mean anything.
    Your account of his hand clamped over your mouth makes this experience of being
    silenced a direct assault. A society that then refuses to hear a survivor, that denies
    her the ability to testify to her own experience, that creates a pervasive hostility
    that prevents victims from coming forward, erases her and them and us again."

    "You have, by telling your own story with wrenching vividness, opened up space for
    countless voices to be heard, for many to tell their own stories for the first time,
    for the balance to again shift a little. You did not want this role, but when you felt
    it necessary you came forward and you spoke. And for that, you are the hero of
    millions. I hope that despite the threats and attacks, you can feel how significant
    that is, and that you know that the threats and attacks are happening because
    what you do matters so much."
  3. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    06 Oct '18 19:19

    "I feel outraged, exhausted and betrayed': Kavanaugh nomination – the feminist response"

    "It’s the sheer audacity of the insult that curdles my stomach: the transparency of
    Kavanaugh’s lies under oath, his self-indulgent rage, the faux FBI investigation.
    The real attraction of Brett Kavanaugh may have been his choir-boy devotion to
    executive power, which would seem to guarantee Trump’s right to pardon all the
    gangsters he has employed, including himself.

    A liberal I know bemoans the fact that Kavanaugh’s ascendency will discredit the supreme court.
    Actually, that’s exactly what I’m hoping for. The presidency has been discredited,
    the cabinet is a collection of clowns, the government busies itself with the torture of children.
    As the more intemperate among us used to say in the 60s: tear it all down!”"
    --Barbara Ehrenreich

    Barbara Ehrenreich regards herself as a democratic socialist.