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Celebrities killing themselves.2223 Jul '17 03:56chaney3apathist
Cheeto Prez Countdown3022 Jul '17 19:26SeitseGreat Big Stees
Super Stickman Golf 3 (again)719 Jul '17 13:51divegeesterGreat Big Stees
Bezier Games, Inc.619 Jul '17 01:21BongalloJoeBongalloJoe
google maps618 Jul '17 13:40kquinn909Ponderable
Kasowitz918 Jul '17 13:27wolfgang59Great Big Stees
1 Liners1318 Jul '17 04:56BongalloJoeKewpie
today, palindrome day: 7/11/17 :)2717 Jul '17 16:12sonhouseHandyAndy
"I am going out for pack of cigarettes!"2114 Jul '17 08:16vanderveldeCaptain Strange
Don't1214 Jul '17 07:45vanderveldewolfgang59
US Solar Eclipse1613 Jul '17 03:30wolfgang59HandyAndy
13 years1812 Jul '17 18:54abejnoodabejnood
Making 3-letter words5311 Jul '17 19:58JS357Ghost of a Duke
Q211 Jul '17 14:17vanderveldePonderable
Why psychopaths can't love their children:911 Jul '17 03:08sonhouseBongalloJoe
Kms3110 Jul '17 18:54BongalloJoeTorunn
WOTD: Neotic, Neophobic and Neophilic110 Jul '17 15:22sonhousesonhouse
big surprise for Trump910 Jul '17 13:33lemondropCaptain Strange
Trump in the UK?1510 Jul '17 05:21divegeesterKewpie
Mx1110 Jul '17 01:21drewnogalwolfgang59
Now THIS is frigging brilliant:707 Jul '17 20:44sonhousewolfgang59
Happy Independence day2505 Jul '17 18:42PonderableVery Rusty
Little Rock1104 Jul '17 13:40wolfgang59FreakyKBH
Happy Canada Day to all Canadians.502 Jul '17 19:40mghrn55Great Big Stees
Where is timeforchess?902 Jul '17 19:20Trev33Russ
How will you cope with the outage?402 Jul '17 17:47vanderveldeGhost of a Duke
Halfway202 Jul '17 00:20wolfgang59FMF
truism game3701 Jul '17 18:50apathistPonderable
Canceled my sub2101 Jul '17 16:56sonhousesonhouse
Happy Anniversary Canada!101 Jul '17 15:19PonderablePonderable