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Help Forum

  1. Standard member Red Matrix
    23 May '04 23:24 / 1 edit
    Is Four Player Chess possible at RHP?

    I've always been interested in 4PC but never played it
    because i didn't have a board.

    The board looks like a plus sign, each 'leg' has 4 rows on it, and the pawns are set up like an upside down V.

  2. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    23 May '04 23:30
    I've seen a site that does it, can't remember the URL though :'(

    Google it 😉
  3. Standard member thire
    24 May '04 13:50
    Originally posted by marinakatomb
    Google it 😉
    did someone find it?
    would be interesting...
  4. 24 May '04 19:03
  5. 24 May '04 23:42
    Guess they could do it. Do not hold your breath waiting for it. P.S. I have always wanted to play Bughouse.