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Help Forum

  1. 02 Jan '14 10:31
    Hi Red Hot Pawn,

    Just like to congratulate you on a great website, really liking it so far especially the Blitz game.

    I signed up a few years ago now but it wasn't till the last 3 months I have been playing non-stop. I downloaded the Android app which is a really convenient way of making moves, but I would like to offer some feedback that will make the app better and possibly help you.

    • It would be really nice to have more functionality in the app so you can analyze board, offer / accept games and make conditional moves. You could develop a Pro version that has this extra much needed content for a small fee that will help towards the development costs and start being profitable. I would suggest £0.69 as this is the going rate and you can take it from me and my friends that we would buy the Pro version of this app.

    • I have been using the app for around 3 months and the one bad point as it stands now is the submit move button. This has to be changed I have made 5 moves now without meaning to, the button takes up the entire width of the lower screen which is near my home button. I move a piece into a position to check out if this could be my intended move then think I’ll review this later, only to check back to see I mistakenly made the move (once this cost me my queen). I would suggest an extra stage like confirm move button in a different location on the screen to save any double presses.

    Thanks for your time and kind regards.

    Lee (MRSPILL)

    P.S. My friend has a windows phone and asked me to mention an app for this platform, I’m not that fussed as I like to see him struggle 🙂