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    20 Mar '16
    26 Mar '16 09:47
    Hi, I have been playing online (via browser) using my Twitter Login, I have ensured that my email and password details are correct and up to date in the 'My Settings/Account Settings' area.

    I would now like to go mobile and play using the Android App instead of my mobile browser, however the App requires an email/password combination to log in but does not recognise my email/password from the 'My Settings/Account Settings' area when I use that to try and login. The App does not appear to have a facility to accept my Twitter login either.

    I could create a new Android App account login however is there a way I could then link together the new account with my original browser Twitter account?

    Any guidance appreciated.

    Many thanks
  2. Northamptonshire, UK
    08 Dec '10
    26 Mar '16 12:141 edit
    Are you referring to the Android RHP Notification widget? I have it installed on my smartphone but only use it as a notifier of pending moves. I just save the website as a web-based Internet page and play from there. The widget is independent of the RHP website and pretty sure that Russ will confirm it isn't supported on here. I should add that it was a bu**er to install and synch with the site proper, but worked eventually.

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    20 Mar '16
    26 Mar '16 16:26
    Hi FW

    I have played around with this a bit more, in answer to your question first I wanted to use the Android App that is available through the Google Play Store but the problem was that I couldn't log in using my email and password.

    When playing through the browser I always use my Twitter handle to log in. I ensured that my settings were correct for my email and password by changing them in 'Settings'.

    As a result I could log in through a web browser using Twitter credentials but not my email/password, neither could I log in on the Android App using email/login details.

    As a last attempt I chose to try the lost password reset on the login page using my email address, I was sent a new password which would you believe allows me to login with email/password into both the browser and the android app.

    So problem solved, not sure why but solved.

    Thanks for your advice.