1. Subscriber64squaresofpain
    The drunk knight
    Stuck on g1
    02 Sep '12
    17 Oct '14 23:21
    I have noticed there is a problem with this.

    For instance, I want to browse through my older published annotated games to see if I could improve on any of them.

    Via my profile, I can select 'Annotated Games' and it will show all of the ones that I have published... or at least, the first page.

    But when I scroll down to the bottom and select page no. 2, it doesn't show my older games but instead switches to showing 'All Published'.

    I can find my older games by looking through these, but it takes much longer.

    I just thought I would bring this up, as I'm sure this is not supposed to happen.

    Is it possible this can be fixed?
    No big issue if not, it's just a heads-up more than anything, in case it hadn't been raised before.