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  1. Standard member godzillion
    26 Feb '03 21:25
    The performance vs. time graph is great! Here's an idea for a similar graph which might be interesting as well.

    The graph is a user-customizable bar graph of wins, losses, and draws vs. time. The x-axis is spit into chunks of time, say months, for example. In each month, there is one bar representing the number of wins, a second bar for the number of draws, and a third bar for the number of losses.

    To really make it cool, you allow the user to filter which games are being shown.

    One set of options (maybe with radio buttons) could be:
    x As Black
    x As White
    x All

    You could also filter by opponent rating:
    Min. Opponent Rating: x
    Max. Opponent Rating: x

    Then set the starting and ending dates:
    Starting Date: x
    Ending Date: x

    And set the size of the time intervals used on the x-axis:
    x Day
    x Month
    X 3 Months
    x 6 Months
    x Year

    After all, I would like to know if my game is improving as black vs. opponents rated over 1200!!!

  2. Standard member thire
    26 Feb '03 21:28
    cool idea!
    with php you can generate graphics dynamicaly, so this'd be a nice work of coding too 😉
    I can't think of any further improvement of your suggestion. super!
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    27 Feb '03 12:24
    Ideas taken on board and saved for a later date. (I agree, it would be pretty cool)

  4. Standard member thire
    09 Apr '03 17:08
    ...and it'd be nice to compare the ratings of two players: eg in the game details or move history.