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Help Forum

  1. Donation Rhymester
    and RedHotTed
    10 Jun '02 22:54
    Does anyone know if it's poosible for two people to share the same
    computer to access RHP using two different AOL screen names without
    all the information from Name 1 being shared with Name 2?

    In other words, I want the other person to be able to log on to without them being greeted with 'Welcome back

    Any ideas?


  2. 12 Jun '02 23:27
    So, are you asking that when people sit at your machine and want to use redhotpawn that aren't
    you, can they access the site without you being automatically logged in??

    If that's the question, then all you need to do is log out of RHP when you finish using it - next time
    someone visits the site from that IP, it will go straight to the log in screen...
  3. Donation Rhymester
    and RedHotTed
    13 Jun '02 22:56
    Thanks kyngj - it looks as though that's the only solution. It also
    highlights the point that logging off from sites when using shared
    computers is a good practice to get into.

    RHP (RedHotPoet)
  4. 14 Jun '02 02:32
    Definitely, imagine waking up to find that 40 or so games (as I'm used to playing) have had
    moves made in them "on your behalf", it would be a nightmare!

  5. Standard member PawnKing
    The King of Pawn
    16 Jun '02 06:00
    Has happened to me in the past ... because I do not have a PC and
    have to go to the Internet Cafe, sometimes when the site is down I
    cant log off and so have to leave MY account open - The anger I have
    when someone else makes MY moves .... ooooh I could crush a
    grape !
  6. 19 Jul '02 23:35
    That must be irritating. Maybe when the take the site down they
    should log everyone off...
  7. Standard member gotti2000
    The winemaker
    30 Aug '02 08:22
    That's right! I was thinking the other day that there should be
    connection timeouts (e.g. 1 hour after the last interaction) to avoid
    those kind of problems.
  8. Donation Smash
    Its MY country
    21 Jul '02 18:27
    Yes it is possible but you would need delete cookies received from
    RHP every time.Cookies are set for the current user.So anytime RHP
    is accessed ,your browser will use those previous cookies.