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Help Forum

  1. 09 Jan '11 16:50
    hi evertyone gr8 site isnt it! please could anyone tell me how to find all my archive games in order that they have been finished. i would like to note any gud or bad runs i have had. cheers paul
  2. 09 Jan '11 18:28
    Go to "My Games"....... pick "Archive".........across the top of the listing is several ways you can change the way games are viewed. Try "Last Move" for what you are looking for. While you are there, notice you can create folders of your own choice. This is helpful if you wish to study your results in a certain opening or defense. I have folders for "QGD", "Black against d4" etc, and separate folders for my clan games and any tourneys. Sadly the largest folders by far is labeled "Losses to Study" 🙁
  3. 09 Jan '11 18:32
    Go to your archive games and you will see 5 small triangles at the top. Clck on the one by last move which puts them in order of finishing, click again to reverse the order.