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  1. 26 Jan '04 18:03
    Hi Let me introduce myself.I'm Bogdan a student from Romania (22 years old)I'm studying statistics As you now it is very expensive in romania to learn in University (average salary is 100$/mounth) so i want a lot to be a pawn star at least on mounth or year if it is possible ,but i cannot pay for the reason i've told you.I earn like 15$/mounth.Does anyone can help me to become pawn star?
    If i there is any possibility to repay the sum in other ways i do with pleasure.(I know maths,statistics,phisics geographi and others)
    Waiting your answers(negatives or affirmatives)
    Thank u for understending me
    Have a nice day or night Bogdan
  2. Standard member thire
    28 Jan '04 01:50
    well... you can play here for free!! enjoy it, work hard in statistics, becaome a big mathematican, gain a lot of money and get your pawnstar!