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Help Forum

  1. 21 Dec '02 21:10
    Just curious as to why the site does not automatically detect if I have a game waiting. To me the refresh button could be an automated process. T'would be interesting to know.Thanks.
  2. 21 Dec '02 22:02
    Hello Black Lung, this was raised a few weeks ago in the general forum by Harri (Luck). Below is what Harri said and Russ's reply:-

    02 Dec 19:36
    Originally posted by Luck
    Is it possible to have an option for automated freshing for the games?

    Sorry, if I understand you correctly, there is just no chance of this
    every being introduced. It just places too much stress on the server.
    (e.g. People leave their computer on at work over the weekend - and
    the site gets loaded even when no one is using it)

    This is bad news for 2 reasons
    1) The site runs slowly for everyone else.
    2) Our bandwidth usage will go through the roof. This is currently a
    problem (we got hit with a load of unexpected fees last month)

    Thanks for the suggestion, though.