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Help Forum

  1. 19 Nov '02 18:35
    is it allowed to castle when you're king is in a otherwise checked
    position(ie if you don't castle you lose)
  2. 19 Nov '02 22:11
    You cannot castle when your king is in check, or when it would move
    into a square where it would be in check. You can castle if your rook is
    attacked or would be on the squares where it moves (for O-O-O

  3. Donation bbarr
    Chief Justice
    20 Nov '02 02:32
    You are also not permitted to castle through check. Imagine your
    king must traverse every square on the way to its eventual location; if
    your king would be in check were he to stop on that square, then he
    cannot castle through that square.
  4. 23 Nov '02 03:04
    You're absolutely right! Rereading my post, I realize that I didn't
    indicate that, even though I *thought* I had... LOL! I should have
    said... "Move your king into -- OR THROUGH -- a square where it
    would be in check." When I was younger I always used to picture
    somwthing like a king moving from one side of his caste bedroom to
    the other... if he moves past a window, he can still be shot by the
    archer / bishop! Hey, I was young, what do you expect? ;-)

    Thanks for mentioning it! How about another game, sir? :-D
  5. Donation bbarr
    Chief Justice
    23 Nov '02 03:08
    Sure Rein, I'll send one right over.
  6. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    29 Nov '02 13:26
    I understand the bit about the king not moving through/into/out of
    check. What about the rook. Can you castle if it is attacked, or if it
    has to move through a checked space?
    (or would that mean that you king would be too??? Help, it's Friday,
    my brain's fried)
  7. 29 Nov '02 18:38
    You can castle even if the rook is under attack. When castling to the queenside, the rook 'moves through' b1 (b8). The kings 'only' goes to c1 (c8) so if b1 is under attack, the rook passes a checked space, but the king doesn't. Friday.