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Help Forum

  1. Standard member thire
    12 Jan '05 14:31
    I just started a game and choose "black" as my color, but I play white now. I use Opera (not newest version).
    Is this some "random color" feature lately implemented? 😉 😀
  2. Standard member hb
    12 Jan '05 14:57
    Same problem reported here:

    strangely, I never had such problems with Opera.
  3. Standard member thire
    12 Jan '05 16:04 / 1 edit
    Perhaps it's because I run an old version.
    Just wnated to mention it, that someone with the actual version can test it.
    I run it (where do I see the version?) under Linux Red Hat
  4. Standard member hb
    12 Jan '05 17:40 / 1 edit
    well, in help: about it says Version 7.54 for me, under winXP

    (and mine runs fine, no problems so far)