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Help Forum

  1. 29 Mar '04 22:11
    I have 2 clan members joined on the same day. One is authorised and the other is not. I do not see an option to authorize.
    I have looked on My Clan Home and Edit My clan.

    Any ideas please

    PS If anybody else wants to join the Great Escape Clan (growing and average rating of 1494) please feel free.

  2. 29 Mar '04 22:54
    Have you checked that she doesn`t have her availability for challenges box checked? That could be it.
  3. Standard member Phlabibit
    Mystic Meg
    30 Mar '04 04:37
    Talk to this new member and see why they joined but don't want to take any games... not sure why someone would join a clan and have clan games shut off.

    Message them.

  4. 30 Mar '04 07:30
    Thanks all for the advice. Yes, the new meber had turned off her games in a a previous clan and that had carried over to my clan. All very confusing but thanks for your input