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  1. Standard member Toe
    10 Jun '04 15:34 / 1 edit
    I posted this in a seperate thread
    where it really shouldn't have been, so here it is all on it's own:


    The clan system is probably due a spring clean to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

    Would it be a plan for clans to be sortable by last move (obviously, clan game move) so that inactive clans are taken out of the picture?

    It might be a better plan to (once every month) do some tests on the clans to see which are active:

    Consider Archiving clans that have not moved in a clan game for 3 months (much like archiving games): take them off the main clan page and onto a special Archived clan page. Reset their recuiting staus to 'not recuiting' and RHP message their leader if that changed the recuiting status so they can change it back if they are just having trouble getting members.

    Then allow any clan member to 'mutiny' and replace the current clan leader with themselves if they want to whenever a clan is in the archive. T'would be cool to have a mutiny button after all: skulls and crossbones always go down well!

    Also consider resetting the status of individual clan members who haven't made a move onsite in the last 6 months to inactive. And for those who have been booted from the site: remove them (I think there's at least one who's clan leader hasn't spotted their member is no longer here).