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  1. 10 May '04 03:20
    Help anyone!

    I am playing against a guy who admitted he is using a computer program against me! I am at my highest score ever, am working really hard, now I have to lose two games and watch it sink back down about 20-40 pts. Grrrr!!!

    What can I do? Can we erase these games or force a resignation or draw somehow? I prefer not to name the fellow outright on the board, and wish someone would talk to him. I talked to him already, politely, but it didn't register to him. He thinks it's OK. Good grief! :-(


  2. Standard member thire
    10 May '04 08:33
    what did he say exactly?
    It is forbidden to une a computer. You can contact Russ or Chrismo (site admins) by sending a message or sending feedback
  3. 10 May '04 18:43
    Basically he was using Chessica, and described things to me! By this time though I was significantly down!

    Thanks for the help, I contacted Russ he got back to me quick about it.


  4. 12 May '04 18:02
    Che-e-e-eaters! Join to my clan man.