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Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Croc On Vacation
    Happy Snappies Clan!
    25 May '04 10:06
    I know stats have been mentioned before but is is there a chance we could add country flags to the PERFORMANCE stats page so you can see which countries players you are performing well against. Better still a stats page that show wins and losses against the different countries i think it would be really good 😀😀😀

    What do you think guys ???

    Crocster.... 🙂🙂
  2. 30 May '04 03:17
    I like that one.
  3. 30 May '04 08:10
    same here! that would be cool! i just love stats..
  4. 30 May '04 13:42
    I think it has been said before that some people show their flag of birth-place, some show their flag of raise-place, even though most people display their flag of residency.

    It might not be accurate all the time, but still a good idea.