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  1. 09 Jan '18 14:45
    December Octet hard core I

    In this tournament there is Unfriendlygiant with strikethrough name still enrolled.

    My fellow comeptitor tonytiger
    resigned in both games with strikethrough player Unfriendlygiant,

    He gave an advantage to all other players that way in this now Septet December Hard Core I.

    And then I noticed that Unfrendlygiant began to move. Like a mummy in trash black-white horror movie with Bela Lugosi.

    Well it was pretty scary, you know...

    Nevertheless, I resigned too in those two games.

    Question is rhetorical - isn't it confusing?
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    09 Jan '18 16:06 / 4 edits
    Thanks for posting this, bringing this problem to my attention. Error in mobile apps permitted banned players to continue moving. This problem has now been fixed.

    Banned players should also be removed from unstarted tournaments.