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Help Forum

  1. 05 May '02 03:31
    I thought I used to be able to delete games once they are archived,
    but I don't seem to see that option any longer.
  2. Donation tenebr8
    Lord of the Air
    14 Jun '02 01:16
    I've been wondering about this too-- there are certainly a number of
    games in my archives that I will never refer to again, and it seems
    senseless to have them taking up server space. If that option isn't
    available, perhaps Russ and Chrismo would consider making it one?
  3. 14 Jun '02 02:28
    For you both: As far as I can tell, it seems as though the games are necessary to be saved on the
    server, or the ratings system would fall apart - If games got deleted, then so would results and the
    subsequent ratings calculations would be all screwed up.

    I think this is the current situation - perhaps Chris and Russ didn't realise how popular the site
    would be and decided not to build this option in from the start, and maybe it would just be too
    much of a nightmare to try it now?

    Just my tuppence, maybe it isn't like this at all, but that seems the most likely explanation

  4. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    14 Jun '02 02:58
    I've been here almost forever and I don't believe that was ever an

    As far as I know the only games that can be deleted are the ones with
    less than two moves per player. If you delete these, they go away as
    if they were never there.

    regards, Marc