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Help Forum

  1. 13 May '05 23:15
    i mean does it show up as a loss anywhere in ur profile?
  2. Standard member ark13
    Enola Straight
    14 May '05 02:12
    Yes, I think so. But it's an unrated game, so it won't show up in your graph.
  3. 14 May '05 02:21
    well i played 5 games so far, 2 were piece setups and it says ive played in 3 games total, 3 rated games. and also, how do you resign/quit a game when its not ur turn?
  4. Donation murrow
    14 May '05 14:19

    1. setup games are always unrated.

    2. you can't quit a game (unless it's the first 2 moves) until it's your turn.