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Help Forum

  1. Standard member player42
    Happy Hour Hero.
    01 Apr '04 15:52
    I recently got swamped with a bunch of clan matches, and so I decided that I had enough games and so I set myself to be unavailable for clan duty. But, I checked My Games just now and discovered that six more clan games have been added to my already overwhelming list. What's going on? How can I stop myself from getting more games?
  2. Standard member tejo
    a unique loser
    01 Apr '04 16:02
    probably those challenges had already been made when you were still available. Your clanleader put you in these challenges, but these challenges were accepted after you set yourself unavailable. That's why it is possible that you get more games when you are unavailable. If you want to know if there are more games coming for already made challenges, you can look at not accepted challenges in your clan, and/or send a message to your clanleader and ask him.