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  1. 22 May '08 07:22 / 1 edit
    Anyone know what this means - basically I get kicked off rhp and this error message comes up

    "ERROR V2 RHP Secure authentication query failed.
    Sorry, an error occurred. Please report this problem"

    Just happened out of the blue today while making a couple of moves at tech and then come home to my computer today and found the same thing happening? Basically get kicked off, refresh screen, same error message, sometimes I might be lucky enough to get back to the site (I don't have to re login) while other times it won't let me in for a while?

    Any idea on a fix? Haven't been able to look around very much so far to see if anyone else has the same problem (because of the problem!!!).

  2. 22 May '08 07:28
    I have the same problem
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    22 May '08 08:52
    Thread 94153 for a small update on this issue.

  4. 22 May '08 23:56
    Originally posted by Russ
    Thread 94153 for a small update on this issue.

    An" Error V2" when I try to 'logout' or access the "My Games" option.
    I cannot access my game list which is very irritating.
  5. 24 May '08 10:43
  6. 24 May '08 11:06
    gameid 4915842