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  1. 26 Dec '02 23:38

    I used to be (in days of yore, &c) a rather fair chess player, but I admit most of my talent left me once I graduated from Kindergarten. My, I feel confident in saying, prodigious appitite, not sated by local competition, dulled, and I was hoping to use this wonderful RHP service as a bit of a whetstone. However, as I am probably going to lose no less than half a dozen indavidual matches over the next 24 hours, I am wondering whether or not to take up a more constructive sport, such as curling.

    My question is, as such, a feasability study I pose to you. Do y'all think that it is possible for me, or any player, who is not at all mathematically inclined, to become a quality chess player? I don't plan on taking on anybody with a Russian last name, but, say, as a 'social' player - because right now I am like a 'social' gambler unable to properly roll my dice. I just wish to know whether or not, in your 'umble opinions, it is possible to become fairly proficient at this game, without (say) a working knowledge of Set Theory and Complex Analysis, or (say) the desire to divert my eyes from Byron to 'Chess for Dummies'.

    Now you must excuse me for a moment, for they are playing 'Danny Deever' over my second match of the day,

    -War Spite