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Help Forum

  1. Standard member Cityblue
    01 Jan '07 20:13 / 1 edit
    Is it possibel to include multiple diagrams from fen notation in a single post??

    I was trying to post a game with some analysis for instruction of others, and wanted to include a number of diagrams. unfortunately whenever I included more than one, it appeared to treat everything between the inital [fen] and the final (I cannot put the symbol here as the same happens in this post!!) as one big diagram - this ended up appearing in the post as a large gap and only showing the beginning and very end of the planned post.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Standard member Peakite
    01 Jan '07 23:36

    Actually, I think you might be able to do two by using the [quote] tags, but otherwise just use multiple posts.
  3. 02 Jan '07 04:03 / 10 edits
    Invalid FEN inserted - B2K3bK

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  4. Standard member Cityblue
    02 Jan '07 09:11
    Thanks for the help