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  1. 26 Oct '15 03:53
    hi, i have forgotten what the email address is that i have used to create an account... is there anyway to find out the email address linked to my account? it is not this account that i am logged into right now as i post this. it is a different account that i have been using.. i was hoping i could provide my username and the host could tell me my email address? my username is 'Canplay07'.. i have never been logged out before but for some reason it randomly logged me out the other day... any help would be greatly appreciated.. thank you
  2. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    26 Oct '15 04:57
    send feedback should word.

    if you had a paid subscription, they'll have a lot of ways to ID you (through the payment card)

    even if you didn't have a paid account, they can probably do a little Q & A to ID you.

    just guessing