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Help Forum

  1. 09 Sep '15 15:09
    If I want to look up someones previous forum posts by clicking on 'forum posts' on their profile page I get the latest page.When I click to get an earlier page I get this message -

    'Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization.'

    Is this to do with my computer or a problem with the site?
  2. 09 Sep '15 15:26
    I can't get past page 1 either, so possibly the site. Use 'Send Feedback' at the bottom on any page to report the problem.
  3. 09 Sep '15 15:29
    I have been having the same annoying problem the past few days myself.
    I cant get past page 1
  4. 09 Sep '15 15:32
    How else can you insult people in the Clan Forum or blackmail players if you can't get to their sordid past posts?
  5. 09 Sep '15 15:36
    Thanks. Good to know that it's not my computer.
  6. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    09 Sep '15 17:19
    Originally posted by biffo konker
    Thanks. Good to know that it's not my computer.
    A fix has gone up for this issue now too. A tiny change - posts from the previous year only are shown by default now in the initial search.