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Help Forum

  1. 05 Jan '06 21:50
    Hi. I'm new to rhp, so maybe someone can help.

    I changed my profile to limit challenges from players with greater than 1500 rating. Yet, when I create invites, any rating level can select my invite. How do I get just those >1500 to select my invite?

  2. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    05 Jan '06 22:07
    Those are different settings. Via your profile you can set the rating limitations you might have for people challenging you directly by clicking on your profile and hit 'Challenge fausters' or via New Game functionality when they enter your name in the Opponent box.

    In the New Game functionality thingy you can click on 'Advanced Options' and set futher preferences, for instance a minimal rating limit, or a maximum rating.