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Help Forum

  1. 09 Jun '07 05:44
    Hi I did try and find the answer myself as well as ask some people i was playing games with but couldnt find the answer.
    My problem is this...When i first joined i changed a setting that made it so after every move during a game I go to the "my games' screen instead of staying at the board.I would like to change it back but i cant find where it was and i am stumped.Can someone please tell me where to locate that setting?
  2. Standard member John of Reading
    Scotch addict
    09 Jun '07 06:31
    Just before hitting the "submit move" button, look down a couple of inches to find the "After move preference". Click there to see three options.
  3. 09 Jun '07 07:04
    got it..duh🙂
    Thank you very much🙂