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Help Forum

  1. 11 Jun '06 04:24
    Why will my profile always say I am playing one more game than I really am--example if I am playing 5 games currently it says I am participating in six.
  2. Standard member Peakite
    11 Jun '06 06:47
    You are playing in six - have you accidentally archived one of these games, or have it set so you can only view when it's your move:

    Game 2160611
    Game 2133146
    Game 2155058
    Game 2154225
    Game 2110245
    Game 2110234

    I'm presuming that the last one is missing. Go to the 'My Games' page, check on the panel on the left that the filters at the bottom both show 'all'. You can deleted the last game as not enough moves have been made to claim a win (even though the time has expired).